The best coffee shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a rich scene with amazing coffee shops, so it is quite hard to find the best Amsterdam coffee shop. Almost 250 such venues will delight the visitors, whether they are tourists or locals.

Tons and tons of fun!


But in the Netherlands coffee shops are actually establishments where weed, hash and marijuana are sold and consumed by those who want to try something a bit different. Here are some of the most appealing coffee shops where you should relax if you arrive to Amsterdam.

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Travel to Amsterdam in a nice company and take a break in Green House Centrum, this impressive establishment that will offer you good quality herbs for the right price. This small coffee shop has a great atmosphere and the pictures of the celebrities that visited this place hang on walls, ensuring you that you will have a wonderful time at Green House Centrum. Recharge your batteries in this space and you will not regret any second spent here with your companion.

Because they have some of the finest weed in the city, Grey Area is considered by Americans the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Although the sitting area is not quite spacious, it is a tiny space with a big reputation and where the knowledgeable staff will gladly offer you the assistance you need and advices on what you should purchase. Lou Reed, Bush and Snoop Dogg are only some of the celebs or escort Paris that came to this venue to try their goodies.

If you enter the Red Light District and you want to sit for a few minutes in a cool establishment nearby the sex shops, Baba is the venue where your dreams will meet reality. Stylish statues will catch your eye, even though you will still think of the beauties you have just seen in the windows. The ambiance is great for socializing, but the treats are very fine. Visit Baba with your escort or girlfriend and your moments here will be memorable.

Although it is tucked away in a small alley, Abraxas still manages to appeal tourists and locals who want to delight their senses in a welcoming atmosphere. It is seen as one of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam because they have a healthy-sized drug menu and the spacecakes are pure divine. This tourist hot-spot has a remarkable ambiance and very friendly staff, so you will sure feel comfortable in this coffee shop.

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