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Travel to Madrid for a live jazz show, have a delicious culinary experience and see with your own eyes why this city is famous for its nightlife. Joy, Palacio Gaviria and Pacha are some night clubs that will worth your time, so make sure you will give them a chance.

From beaches to metropolitan atmosphere

Flight from Madrid to Lisbon and then take a trip to the wonderful beaches in Portugal. Find a nice and comfy accommodation by the beach, enjoy the spectacular views of the crystal clear waters and spend your mornings on golden sands where time will reconnect you with your own self. Break the routine from your life, calm your senses in this peaceful environment and make sure you gather enough energy to consume once your lovely vacation comes to an end.

Travel from one tourist hot-spot to another, savour each moment spent in this adventure and be certain that you will remain with some amazing memories. Whether you wish to spend more time in Zurich with your delicious companion or you want to visit other European cities, it will be your decision and you should enjoy travelling around Europe at your own pace. Befriend with the locals, relish with their food, try their renowned treats and drinks and try as much as possible to live your life at its fullest!